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I'm ready to work for you.


For as long as I can remember, we have waited for Memphis to realize its POTENTIAL.  I attended college in Washington, DC, lived in Hartford, CT, and Nashville, before returning home to Memphis.  Does Memphis have its challenges? YES, but so does every other major city in America.  Memphis has too many assets to be defined by what may appear in negative headlines.  The positive, progressive leadership that Memphis needs to realize its POTENTIAL is determined by you - the citizens/voters of Memphis. 


I ask for your vote as your councilman for Memphis City Council, Super District 8, Position 3.  Super District 8 includes all of Southwest Memphis, including Westwood, Walker Homes, Coro Lake, and others; all of Whitehaven, Oakhaven and the airport area, and part of Hickory Hill; South Memphis, including Alcy-Ball, Longview and Mallory Heights, French Fort, Riverview Kansas.  It also is comprised of Orange Mound, Cherkokee, Glenview, Castalia, and Bethel Grove.  In addition to Downtown and Harbor Town, Frayser, and North Memphis are part of Super District 8, including New Chicago, Scutterfield, Smokey City, and part of Vollentine-Evergreen.


So goes Memphis, so goes the Mid-South.  As your councilman, I will continue to fight to help Memphis regain it rightful place in the region, in the county, and to make it relevant again.  During early voting or on election day, please vote for Martavius Jones, Memphis City Council, Super District 8, Position 3.

Early Voting September 13, 2019 - September 28, 2019 | Election Day October 3, 2019

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