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Why you should vote for Martavius Jones

As a self-employed businesss owner, Martavius Jones brings INDEPENDENCE to the council and can be a voice for the citizens of Memphis instead of special-interest groups and big business.  Since being elected, he had been pragmatic, thoughtful, and has tried to listen to all sides in all discussion.

In dealing with the dispute between the Memphis Zoo and the Overton Park Conservancy regarding the Greensward issue, he sided with the people. (

Did not support the deannexation plan that would result in a net reduction of city revenues.


Objected to the sale of city-owned property that would have resulted in the city realizing a $700k loss. (

Sponsored resolution asking the University of Memphis not to outsource custodial services that could have resulted in pay cuts for custodial workers. (

Opposed the plan to spend half of available parking funds on one project without taking into account future parking needs.


Voiced concern with how PILOTs are awarded by EDGE, which in his view, is indiscriminate, with little regard given to the quality of job, wages paid, and number of jobs created. (

As your Councilman, Martavius:

Listened to the voice of the people

He has voted against new garbage landfills in all parts of Memphis.  Has voted against a truck terminal relocation to place it directly next to a residential neighborhood.  Sided with residents when they voiced that opinions about parking options in Overton Park.

Require that companies receiving tax breaks hire MEMPHIANS first

Tens of thousands of commuters travel to Memphis for work at companies that receive tax breaks, business incentives such as PILOTS, to locate here.  Martavius Jones will insist that these companies hire Memphians first and their tax breaks and incentives should be tied directly to the number of Memphians on the payroll.

Advocate for a strong North Memphis, South Memphis, AND Downtown

Martavius Jones believes in a strong and vibrant downtown, but he also believes in thriving communities in other parts of Memphis too.  Martavius believes that more can be done to invest in communities included in zip codes 38105, 38106, 38107, 38108, 38116, 38127, and others.  He feels that the city could do more to help those areas that have not experienced a similar revitalization as downtown.

Be a champion for youth and seniors 

Martavius Jones believes that our youth and seniors are the most vulnerable segments of our population and will be a strong supporter of activities and programs designed to engage both populations.  The city’s community centers, parks, and senior centers can play a more active role in offering services after school and during school breaks to keep youth engaged in positive activities making our communities safer for seniors and the overall community. 

Fight for improvements in areas that have been ignored in the past

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) cited the city of Memphis for the somewhat neglected state of its sewer lines and currently has a mandate that the city spends $250 million over the next 10 years inspecting and improving the condition of those sewer lines.  Isn't it about time that some of the infrastructure needs within the city limits of Memphis are addressed?  Martavius Jones will advocate that the much needed improvements within the city limits of Memphis are made and more investments are made in the areas where the needs are greatest.

Help Memphis-based businesses grow

In some areas, expertise may not be available in our immediate geographical area.  But when there is a business that's based here and employs the people that pay taxes, we should make it a priority to help those locally-owned businesses thrive, prosper, and grow, which leads to their hiring more local employees.

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